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In our system, your work is never shared with anyone until after you have legally protected it. We take no ownership interest, and you have no obligation to work with us later. You are always free to limit your participation or opt out of any activity, or move at your own pace. We're here to provide help, assistance and options — and encourage your creative output.

What Other Say About FAST:
I was genuinely astounded by what I had created by simply following the process. Amazing. Brilliant. Incredible. There are not enough superlatives to aptly express how I feel about FAST. I'm definitely one of those people who have been having profound breakthroughs with the system — and, as a great bonus, I'm also having the time of my life with it all! The whole experience is really world-class.
— Anthony Giunta (New York)
[Anthony's script "Contest" was sold, and
he was hired to direct the film]
I've had some extensive education — UCLA, Writers Boot Camp and various courses — NOTHING has ever compared to this system. I think the system is entirely brilliant and I saw an immediate and measurable improvement in my writing skill from the start. I wish I had written my first screenplay this way. You have answers to questions no one else could answer. In a way, FAST Screenplay is the "magic bullet", because it contains all the steps you need to build a production-ready screenplay.
— Cat Stewart (Nashville)
[Cat's script was optioned, and led to
multiple paid writing assignments]
This is a truly amazing process, and it's head and shoulders above the rest. Upon completing the system, I had a series of pitch meetings with studio heads in Hollywood, and all I can say is that Jeff Bollow and his FAST Screenplay system are ABSOLUTELY aligned with the industry — in everything (everything!) he speaks the wisdom for these moments. The beauty of the FAST approach is that it provides a deceptively simple template that keeps layering upon itself.
— Nikolai Blaskow (Australia)
[Nikolai's script was optioned, and has 
garnered international attention]
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