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Writing FAST was originally written in 2004, after Jeff had been teaching screenwriting for 5 years. He discovered a simple, step-by-step process for turning ideas into screenplays — and then realized that the process was applicable to any form of writing. An immediate Amazon bestseller, Writing FAST is considered a "must-have" writing resource, and has helped thousands of writers all around the world, because it guides you through the process of writing, fostering your own innate creativity, and helping you capture the stories only you can tell.


Writing is the act of taking what's in your mind and turning it into a fixed form of communication. Ideas spark ideas, and writing captures your spark and records it, so that it can spark ideas inside the mind of your readers, whether it's five days or five thousand years into the future. Capturing your ideas and channeling them into something tangible has a focusing effect, which can ease stress and anxiety, and transform them into a sense of power and control. As the author of your own writing, you decide what to keep and what to discard — an intrinsically empowering activity. This makes writing more important today than ever before. 


In Jeff's TED Talk, he explains that the ideas in our heads come from the input we receive — what we see, hear, experience, dream, imagine, etc. When we write, we share our unique window on the world (and its unique insights and perspectives) with others... thus becoming the "input" for the reader's mind. If we imagine the Earth as a giant brain and each person as a neuron... sharing our ideas back and forth is what makes the global brain function. You live a life no one else will ever know. By sharing what you see, you offer a one-of-a-kind contribution to our world. And since ideas spark ideas, you never know where that might lead.
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